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well since someone else shared a gross problem that I unfortunately have no response for

my period is so heavy it looks like someone died when I take those cups out. I can only leave them in for so long because they actually get full. they are kind of uncomfortable to put in just because they are so big, but it like suction cups to your insides, & it kind of pops when you pull it out. its also a bloody mess when you have to take it out, because you have to dump the blood & throw away the cup because you cant flush the plastic, so its also best if you are in your home when you put them in & take them out. I unfortunatley had to change mine at school today, which was VERY EMBARASSING when there is only one toilet at my school for the girls & there are people waiting. oh man. so embarassing.
I like my period because it only lasts for 3 days, but I hate it because it is dreadfully heavy the whole 3 days.
last night my brother-in-law's sister that is now living with me started her period in my bed. I could have killed her. its so hard to deal with other people when all of the women in your home have their periods the same week. not only is it a battle for advil/midol/tampons/pads/soft cups, but it is a battle for your sanity. since we all get PMS at the same time.
sorry for the long post, but no one on my friends list wants to read this shit, so I might as well put it here.
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