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30 day periods!
ok hi im jessica im 18 and i have a question... i started my period in 7th grade i was like 13 i think. For the past 5 years i have not had any type of schudle with my period let me tell you what would happen. Lets say i got my period in january, it would last 2 whole weeks and then i wouldnt have it again for like 4 months. The most i ever went without a period was 6months it used to scare me when i was in middle school. As then in high school it would almost always come every two months and last 2-3 weeks never durring the same week though then for probably the last 2 years, i would start my period and it would last for about 30 days and then stop for about 1 week and then all that all over again. I am so scared i have never been to the gyn before and i really dont want to have to go. I dont know any one have any ideas about what this could be i look it up online every single day researching. Also whenever i get my periods i never experiance any pain or even any sign that it is comming also i have to wear pads about every day of my life cause even when my period is gone still like brown blood comes out! like right now after 29 days of bleeding i can just now tonight go to bed without a pad but i will need to wear one in the day time thanks everyone in advance for the help! sorry this is so long!

love long periods Jessica
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