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Well..we always have menopause to look forward to.

Ok, so I got my period yesterday.
Cramps so bad I couldn't get out of bed.
But I managed to drag myself around the whole house looking for painkillers, and find none.
So I crawl back into bed, and get the phone, and try calling my mom to ask her to buy pain killers on her way home from work, but my cordless phone was out of batteries.
So I threw it across the room.

Okay, so my not being able to do anything but curl up in bed and make noises of pain goes on for a couple of hours, until I realize that my mum will be leaving from work soon, and I should call before she does.
So I get the strength to crawl out of bed and drag myself up the stairs to the other phone, and call her work.
She just left.
So I call my dads cell phone.
No answer.

So I decide that I'll start randomly calling my friends.
I called Ian first:
"Ian, do you have any pain killers?"
"Yes, why?"
"Would you like to come bring them to me?"
"I don't have any bus money. Do you have a headache?"
"Oh, okay. Well, I do have pain killers, cigarettes, [hash] oil and anime at my house.."

So I went over to Ian's.
And he rescued me.

But my reason for posting this:
I'm really open with my period(mostly my cramps, and PMSy mood swings) to my friends, and most my friends are guys.
Only a couple of times guys have shown to have a problem with knowing something like that.

So I was wondering, do most guys have a problem with it?
Or all they all awesome, like my friends?

Also, my mum hates buying pain killers.
Does anybody know any other home remedies for getting rid of cramps?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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