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Don't make a sound, shh, listen.

The little red tomatoe truck came this morning, whilst hung over at my friend Chris's house.
No fun.

But in other news, I'm looking into getting those fabric pads, the ones you can wash an re-use.
Know any good ones, or where I can get any?

And for future reference, Frou Frou is the best PMS music.
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I love frou frou! <3
they're called Luna Pads. just do a google search or something
There's lunapads, gladrags, hag rags, wemoon, moonpads, newmoon pads (sweet cheeks), TLC, manymoons, and more (check all on google). One type I found out about recently was http://www.amazpadz.com/ , they look good to me, if I ever buy pads, or feel the need for them then I'll probably try those out first! As you may have noticed I've never used cloth pads, and as I was abpout to buy some I really considered a menstrual cup and bought one. I love my DivaCup it's great! You can go to http://www.diaperpin.com/diapers/itemlist.asp?subcat=PADS to see some reviews of lots of different brands. Hope all goes well for you!!